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Ross Dawson is a futurist, bestselling author and keynote speaker who is considered one of the most influential thought leaders in the technology space. His keynote presentations on technology trends can be adapted for different audiences, from a general business audience to specific industry sectors.

Keynote speaker topic – Profiting from Technology Trends


Information technologies are creating extraordinary new possibilities for organizations and their customers. Inter-connectivity is reshaping the business landscape, from how consumers build relationships with companies, to the structure of the supply chain and the nature of global competition.

However, it is often difficult to keep up with the pace of change. Technology futurist Ross Dawson can help by pointing organizations to current and future trends in technology and clarifying how these innovations can create business value. Notable trends include the proliferation of the mobile, the power of the cloud, new elements of the media and marketing landscape, and user-driven computing.

Dawson also examines how online technologies can build a more efficient organization, including the use of social media and other tools to access new markets, tap global talent, and build powerful customer relationships.


Below are the slides from technology futurist Ross Dawson’s keynote address on Profiting from Technology Trends at National Association of Federal Credit Unions Board of Directors Conference in Maui, Hawaii. The keynote slides are designed to accompany the presentation and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes.

Dawson’s keynotes on technology are an excellent way for directors and organizations to understand the emerging technologies that are changing business today. Establishing a framework for innovation-led governance enables companies to best take advantage of these shifts.

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