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Ross Dawson is a widely acclaimed futurist who has extensive experience with leading strategy workshops for professional services firms and with presenting keynote speeches to professional services audiences. Demand for Dawson’s expertise has seen him travel across six continents to assist professional services firms to make crucial preparations for a successful future.

Keynote speaker topic – Leadership in Professional Services

Please watch the video below to hear Ross Dawson give a brief description of his keynotes and workshops on leadership in professional services.

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“Every professional services industry is being driven by powerful forces, including connectivity, commoditization, regulation, and rapidly evolving client attitudes to service providers. Professional services are taking an increasing share of the economic growth, but professionals must embrace new ways of working in order to succeed in the challenging times ahead. The winners will be those that lead their clients into entrenched knowledge-based relationships, build effective internal networks, and embed innovation into their work processes. Personal leadership will be the foundation of success for every professional.”

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Professional services futurist and keynote speaker Ross Dawson customizes each of his presentations to the client and audience. Make your event a success with a keynote speech by Dawson that will inspire your audience to start preparing now for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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