Media futurist and keynote speaker Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading media futurist and keynote speaker. He has spent over a decade researching, writing, speaking, and consulting about the future of media and content. Dawson works with a range of clients around the world on important topics pertaining to media, including but not limited to:

– monetization and emerging digital business models

– curation and filtering

– the global shift to mobile devices

– the dramatic convergence of internet and television

– the move from media ownership to cloud access

– the future of advertising

– crowdsourcing

– user generated content

– social media.

Keynote speaker topic – Creating the Future of Media


Media is at the very heart of society and business. Today the media landscape is changing at a dramatic pace, impacting every company and every individual. New digital media is exploding. The last decade has seen the rise of online news, blogs, mobiles, personalized advertising, video billboards, e-books, tablets, social networks and more. Yet newspapers, magazines, TV and radio are not simply about to disappear. Discover the driving forces in the media landscape, and how to profit from the shifts that are transforming the world of media and marketing.


Below is an excerpt from a keynote speech by Ross Dawson on the Future of Global Media, presented at the Ketchum Global Media Network meeting in New York:

“Until now media markets have been fairly similar across nations. Today we are seeing a massive divergence in media structures around the world. While some fundamental drivers of change such as social networks and the extraordinary rise of mobile media are prominent everywhere, these and other forces are playing out very differently across East and West, old and new economies. Across all markets, the structures for how news and content are created and become visible are rapidly evolving. The implications for corporate marketers include new perspectives on global campaigns, and the potential to tap into a vast lattice of existing and new channels to reach customers.”

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