Future of retail – keynote speaker Ross Dawson on opportunities for the retail industry

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized and highly acclaimed keynote speaker and futurist who has delivered many keynotes on the future of retail and is considered an expert and thought leader in this space.

Keynote speaker topic – Creating the Future of Retail


The world of retail is being transformed, driven by new technologies and increasingly demanding customers. To succeed, retailers – both in physical stores and online – must focus on improving in four domains: Experience, Personalization, Immediacy, and Community. Social media, mobile, and immersive entertainment technologies are helping to bring people into stores, and bring together online and store channels. In this keynote Ross Dawson provides deep insights and advice on how to create massive success in the changing world of retail.


Ross Dawson gave the opening keynote at the International Retail Peruvian Congress in Lima, Peru, speaking about Creating the Future of Retail. Below are the slides from his keynote at one of the largest retail conferences in South America. The keynote slides are designed to accompany the speech and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes.

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