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Ross Dawson is a globally renowned business networking expert. He is the author of the acclaimed book Living Networks, which foresaw the social networking revolution, and the writer of the highly influential Trends in the Living Networks blog. Strong demand for Dawson’s expertise has seen him engage with audiences across the globe.

Keynote speaker topic – Tapping Personal Networks to Drive Business Success


Research has repeatedly shown that an individual’s success and work performance are driven by the quality of their personal networks. Today, the degrees of separation between people are rapidly shrinking. We still meet people and develop many relationships face-to-face. However, online social networks are adding many ways to connect with people, build relationships, exchange ideas, and create an extraordinary life. Those who have the skills and character to create value with others will prosper the most. In this interactive keynote address, business networking expert Ross Dawson will show how connecting with the living networks can create liberating opportunities for yourself and others.


Dawson gave a keynote speech on the topic ‘Driving Business Results through Personal Networks’ at the Gartner Symposium. The presentation covered diverse topics including why we need to understand the Bacon number, why boundary spanners are so critical for organizations, how to enhance serendipity, and steps to being an energizing leader.

Inset into the presentation were two sets of recommendations; one on building personal online networks, and one on enhancing organizational networks. At the risk of taking them out of the supporting context, here they are:

business networking


1. Think through your objectives

2. Build a personal brand

3. Choose the right social platforms

4. Import contacts

5. Keep in touch

6. Share useful information

7. Discover and connect with great people

8. Create value for others!

Enhancing organizational networks


– Consider possible interventions

– Do organizational network analysis

– Identify information gaps and bottlenecks

– Redefine decision rights for efficient workflow

– Formalize network roles

– Coaching, training, open discussion

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