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Life Next Year and Beyond: Appearing and Disappearing


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Here is the full list in text form (in no particular order):

Augmented reality glasses
Thought control
3D printing in the home
Personal DNA testing
Digital butlers
Voice control TV
Customized medicine
Pay by fingerprint
Electric sports cars
Robot sex
Conversational computing
Empathic robots
Gesture interfaces
Flexible, foldable mobile phones
Infinite color at home
Personalized billboards
Networked professional services
Pollution absorbing clothes
Biodegradable electronics
Automated instant translation
Memory implants
Video wallpaper
Retail delivery boxes
Space tourism

Computer mouse
Landline telephones
Video rental stores
Public phones
Weekday newspapers
Chain bookstores
8 hours sleep
Switching off
9-5 workdays
Dining rooms
Shop assistants
Non-internet businesses
Printing photographs
Welfare state
Learning foreign languages
Paper medical records
Watches for under 25s
Focused attention

5 replies
  1. flaad
    flaad says:

    In the list, you wrote space tourism in the disappearing section. I was confused so I had to check it in the picture

  2. Guest
    Guest says:

    If machines do take many of our jobs, as is often claimed, I see the welfare state growing if anything, not declining.

  3. Hector Sharp Flores
    Hector Sharp Flores says:

    How could a welfare state grow if money becomes abolished ? With enough renewable resources for everyone on this planet not only would “welfare” become extinct, but other countires would become self sustaining. Giving people the freedom to do as they want, furthering themselves in a new world giving opportunity to those who were shackled by our monetary system working more than half their life too accomplish nothing but slaving away too resolve a debt that from the very begining was/is irresovable, get ready in the next 10-20 years it WILL fail. All everyone has ever known even as children that at some point in your life you will have to work, but not working on furthering yourself as a human being. You work too survive, you work as a slave unknowingly lining the industry’s pockets with a note that has ABSOLUTELY NO MEANING MONEY HAS NOT PUSHED US FORWARD TOO BECOMING MORE CIVILAZED, IT HAS NOT BROUGHT UNITY AMONG PEOPLE. MONEY ITSELF IS WAR.


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